FINALLY! The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

One of my best buds Brad ( has been kind enough to allow me to interview him-to see what he likes, and what makes him tick. The answers turned out to be the coolest stuff on Earth, and Tourette’s…hahaha. He’s a brilliant mind, and a dear friend. Enjoy!

1) Favorite childhood memory involving horror films?

1. Oh there’s lots. For the purposes of this conversation I’m going to go with our 5 movies for 5 days for 5 dollars rentals. Video Corner in Shelbyville where that guy you all knew (was his name Eric?) would rent us anything. Provided we could come up with $5. It’s crazy to think back to how hard it was at times to come up with $5. And now we’re all rich. VHS tape rental was so exciting. That’s an activity that is sadly lost to us and this newest generation of kids. Going down the aisles looking at covers. The covers sold or didn’t sell a film.

-True that! I used to pride myself on “judging a film by it’s cover”. This also works well with most people…hahaha

2) You have style. You have grace. What actress (of any era and/or genre) gave the best face (has/had the best disposition)?

2. I’m going to go with Edwige Fenech. She was a great scream queen in giallo films and some of her Italian sex comedies are very, very funny. And she got naked a lot. That helps.
-I will have to check her out…for her disposition and acting skills (of course).
3) Top 5 list of albums of “the zeroes” (2000-2009)?
3. In no particular order:
Phoenix – It’s Never Been Like That
The Shins – Oh Inverted World
Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Belle And Sebastian – The Life Pursuit
Death Cab For Cutie – We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes
Interpol – Turn On The Bright Lights
Field Music – Tones Of Town
Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare
The New Pornographers – Electric Version
The Isles – Perfumed Lands
Broken Social Scene – Broken Social Scene
-This one ALSO goes to 11!
4) New York style OR Chicago style (pizza-of course!), and why come?
4. Chicago style. My wife makes a great deep dish. I guess that’s Elizabeth style?
-That Elizabeth is one special lady. It’s just a bonus that she’s got her own genre of Pizza (yes, I capitalized Pizza…twice)
5) I read on the internet the other day that Mel Brooks’ best film was Spaceballs. I always thought that Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles were the only obvious choices. The internet is incapable of mistake or dishonesty, so i guess I was wrong. Seriously though-I do like Bill Pullman as a leading man in films. Which film: Lost Highway OR The Serpent and the Rainbow?
5. That’s a tough one. I don’t like either film really. The Serpent And The Rainbow I guess. I’m not a Lynch guy.
6) Top 5 all-time favorite electronic artists/acts?
6. Again in no particular order:
    Aphex Twin
    You (in all your various guises)
    Brian Eno
    Richard Glenn Schmidt
-You made my list too! I listened to SAW 2 (Aphex Twin) years ago, and thought “Brad’s version of this is better”. That is one of the most prestigious compliments I can pay an artist.
7) We talked back in the 90’s quite a bit, and one time we talked about how your uncle Tim had said that “during our lifetime (since the late 70s), science/technology has made more advancements than any other era in history.” What do you think the most important invention of our time has been, and why?
7. It was around before our time and I’m not sure it’s an invention per se, but it has to be the proliferation of the internet.
For better or worse we are more connected to the world and with folks we might not even ever meet physically. Information at our fingertips. Netflix. Ordering pizza. I don’t have to talk to people at pizza places anymore. That’s a great load off of me.
8) Why don’t you write music more often? Your style is unique, and quite genius!
8. Thanks for the kind comment! Laziness. Sheer laziness. I’ve overextended myself with various projects and in the end I don’t get anything done.
9) My favorite films are “City of God”, and “Children of Men”. Which one do you prefer?
9. I haven’t seen City Of God. Children Of Men I did like.
-I feel that both of these films are PERFECT examples of the “duality of man (or humanity)”. They are both beautiful, and terribly disturbing (in their own ways). Definitely check out City of God-it won the Brazilian version of an Oscar, and stars Seu Jorge (the guy who sang all the Bowie songs in Portugeuse in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou).
10) What was your favorite Garbage Pail Kid?
10. My parents never allowed me to have Garbage Pail Kids. And I hated gross things anyway like vomit and snot. I can’t watch Revenge Of The Nerds even.
-I have recently dorked out a bit, and began collecting them (very part time). I did, however, find “Adam Bomb” (the most sought after GPK) for $10 American. It should arrive tomorrow!
11) Complete the phrase: “There’s a portrait….
11. Of Anna Paquin! Easy. And the way I hear the song EVERY time, to this day.
-That’s an inside joke. You’ll have to be told (people of the internet) by one of us what it means
12) Radiohead the band, or the Talking Heads’ song?
12. The band. But only Pablo Honey. Their lone good album.
-I agree with the band, but disagree with the album comment. Everyone has their preferences though.
13) Favorite era of our friendship?
13. Well there’s no time like the present is there? I fondly remember all of it. The days at your parents house when we were young and new and life seemed limitless were good days. Everything was new. Electronic music and indie film. Comedy and Friendship. Girls and Tennis Shoes.
-hahahaha. A perfect answer.
14) Facebook or MySpace?
14. What is MySpace?
15) What are things going to be like 10 years from now (flying machines, jetpacks, telekinesis, etc.)?
15. I think flying machines will be equipped with jet packs. That possess telekinesis. So just exactly the way things are now. No noticeable change.
-So I’ll have to Carrie my way to work, and Jetsons my way home….just like now.
Thanks again to Brad for his time, and the insightful answers. Check out his blog  Yellow Razor listed above, and listen to “This is the Doomed Show” on Cinema Somnambulist on the World Wide Web.

Got the club going up…on a Thursday!

My 9 month old nephew Solo did a gangster bounce to this today, and reminded me of a very important life lesson- don’t be hating.

There’s something about this song that hits, and is instantly relatable. The fact that it has curse words made my sister and I turn it off when my grandmama showed up for my post BDay celebration, but will in no means keep me from posting this.

Unless you have a law degree, have practiced for a while, and have been elected….don’t judge.

Just enjoy!

Trust me-it’ll get you.


A drunk week in August 2013….

I am no longer a drinker, and the world has been a better place since. Not everything that happened during those times was destructive and/or bad though. For example: I created all the music and design for my music site ( while intoxicated over the span of a few days. That is a little known fact. If you’re reading this, then why not listen to that?

There’s Adventure In There is probably the site’s most popular track, but don’t let that stop you from formulating your own opinion. I want you to express yourself. Wear as much flair as you want!

Here’s a forward thinking track that made my playlist today. Call this additional track generosity, call it names, just don’t call it collect!

Stay classy, Earth.

Sascha Funke vs Nina Kraviz – Moses (Stimming Remix)

“Could you bring me my white dress, punkin’?”

With a little clever research, I dug up this gem! To quote a Doublemint(TM) commercial “Double your pleasure. Double your fun.” Wellllllll- DON’T MIND IF I DO! You remember that last blog post about the people doing things? I recall it like it were 20 minutes ago. This is MIMSY. They are a two piece that have been burning up the charts from the starts. They are Richard (also from Gyrojets) and Brad- and I have collaborated with Brad on many things, over many years. I have him committed to do an interview with me in the near future, and we can get into more of that then.

The name MIMSY is a tribute to a celebrated actress of Giallo films, and as she HAS ACTUALLY SEEN AND LOVED THE VIDEO/MUSIC(!)- I’d also say she is a lady of supreme taste. If you’d like to know more about Mimsy Farmer (trust me, you do) visit on the world wide jeb, and listen to “Hello! This is the Doomed Show”.

Have a blessed day


By this title, I mean they are alive, and this is a live performance. Gyrojets are fronted by a friend of mine (Richard) who also has the time to put out a horror fanzine called “Fang of Joy”, co-host an excellent podcast called “Hello. This is the Doomed Show” with an adopted brother of mine (Brad), and he also has his own blog called Cinema Somnambulist.

James Brown my ass-this is the hardest working man in show-bidness!

Apparently, this is a live performance from 10/11/201- which is QUITE impressive on it’s own.


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